Friday, November 11, 2016

Mind your business KDR

Image result for girls with black chokerI dont know this girl but ive decided that i HATE these little black chokers. Is that what we even call them? I don't know but there has been an out break of them and I'm simply fed up! they have absolutist nothing to do with me or effect my life in anyway but they drive me insane. If i knew someone personally who wore them id go off! They make me breath funny just looking at them! where do you even get them from? they remind me of some sort of packaging. Like when they say dont throw stuff in the water like the plastic carriers from soda cans cause it entangles around dolphin's snout things or turtle heads! Choakers gets stuck around girls necks! Save the girls! this was a hella random rant       from yours truley....DARAPPER


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