Friday, November 11, 2016

I'm a fan of #TIDAL because it just sounds and looks so dope! This project means allot to me. Its the first KDR release under NEWBOOMBOX. Whole new team whole new meaning and respect for the brand. It took a long time for me to put out a project the way I wanted too and I feel like we nailed it on this one.

Nothing but rave reviews from production and the song order to the cover visuals and mix, you guys fell in LOVE with it and I couldn't be more humbled and proud of me and my team.
NEWBOOMBOX is blessed enough to have signed a major distribution deal that has allowed us to put CLAIR in virtually EVERY place where ANYONE downloads music. While I love that fact #TIDAL streams at HI-FI quality, a noticeable difference from other platforms while +Rob Jeanyus did a bomb job on the mix #tidal makes it sound even better.
Nope! Im not dick riding i dont get paid any extra for all the #tidal hashtags, im just an artist who's sensitive  about they shit! I used to just put music out because thats what I love to do but when you playing with other folks bread its about quality right?
Well im sure in the near future i'll do more in depth posts about the CLAIR HUXTABLE project, until then....Heres the link for her on #TIDAL
p.s. I don't proofread my post. neither does anyone what...its MY BLOG!


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